School Problems

Why is my child having school problems?

At some point, all children struggle with the transitions, expectations, stress, and physical/mental demands that school and other educational experiences can have. Having problems at school, however, is usually a symptom rather than the core issue. There are many ways in which your child can have school issues, including: absenteeism, aggression, learning disabilities, social and relational issues, etc. Many times, difficulty at school is the push some people need to seek professional help for themselves or their child. Beneath the difficulties at school may be a multitude of different things, such as: peer/teacher conflict, disorganization, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, etc. 

How Therapy Can Help

The symptoms of school problems can be greatly alleviated through therapy offered by Crossroads Counseling. The safe and supportive environment that therapy offers allows your child to express their thoughts, process emotions, and self-reflect in a non-judgmental setting. Our local therapists help explore the underlying reasons behind their behaviors both in school and at home, improving your child’s self-awareness. Through continued sessions, the end goal is to help your child work through the issues they face causing problems at school and to help them experience a more harmonious and fulfilling life.  

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