Individual Clinical Therapy

Individual therapy is offered for a variety of identified issues. A common theme for most individuals is that they have some sort of trauma or distressing events/situations from their childhood; for which they had to develop a set of coping strategies to deal with or even survive these situations. It is common that these coping strategies become less effective in dealing with their situation as time progresses, or are becoming the problem in and of themselves.

Individual therapy consists of meeting one on one with a mental health professional who has knowledge and experience working with people who share similar struggles.  The therapist strives to help an individual find a sense of peace.  This process looks different for every individual, however can invovle helping the individual learn about and deal with their own moods and behaviors, finding healthy ways to cope, applying problem solving and/or communication skills.

We know that we will not make a situation “perfect,” but we function with the understanding that we are intercepting people for a specific purpose/reason at this point on “crossroads” in their life. Our therapeutic goals/process are set accordingly, we starve for emotional healing, adjustment, boundaries, and healthy life changes. Sometimes medication is needed in conjunction with counseling; and this would be started initially through your Primary Care Physician (PCP).