Premarital Counseling

Crossroads provides certified premarital therapy for couples. We work in conjunction with many local churches to do the premarital testing and provide 2-4 sessions based on the results of testing feedback.

The State of Minnesota offers a discount on marriage license fees when 12 hours of premarital counseling are completed with either a licensed therapist or clergy member or a combination of 12 total hours between both. We offer the notarized certification through Crossroads if needed.

The main reason for Crossroads to provide the initial portion of the pre-marital counseling is that it allows an objection party/institute to provide constructive feedback to couples if there are clearly identified problematic areas in their relationship. If we hear concerns about the overall healthiness and longevity of the relationship, we discuss this clearly with the couple and sometimes may make a recommendation for the couple not to marry. This conversation would take place in conjunction with the marriage officiate. This is a rare situation.